About Us

Jingles Residential Family Centre is a result of the vision of Director Kerry McKeown and her business partner Parm Rakar. The Director, Kerry McKeown, has a broad spectrum of experience in residential childcare.

They identified the requirement for a service,that enables families to access support and guidance with parenting skills. Jingles is committed to working in partnership with the finest resources within this sector and having a holistic approach to assessments. Our service will be supported on a day-to-day basis by a carefully selected team of support staff with the skillsets required to ensure a smooth running facility.

Our main activities are focused on child protection and risk assessment. Our aim is to balance detailed monitoring with our work in assisting parents to acquire the skills required to care adequately for and protect their children.

The ethos of the facility is to recognise the residents as individuals and for staff and residents to understand that they have equal rights and responsibilities. It is the practice of the team to offer the families unconditional regard whilst providing them with a safe, structured, nurturing and homely environment where they are provided with the encouragement and support needed for them to reach their full potential.

By ensuring and encouraging open and constructive dialogue between ourselves, Inspectors, placing authorities and the families within our care, we will strive to improve our service at every available opportunity.

Our client group comprises families involved in on-going protection investigation, problems with domestic violence, a history of abuse, drug or alcohol addiction behaviour and/or substance abuse problems. The assessment accommodates any combination of adults that constitutes `a family’ to the child.

Parents are supported by the flexible approach of our multi-skilled professionally-trained team. It is the policy of Jingles to provide equality of opportunity for all its families and staff regardless of sex, sexuality, race, colour, age, social class, religious belief, marital status, physical or learning disability, state of mental health or medical history.

The assessment process serves to benefit parent and protect the child and is used as a structured approach for the preparation of reports within the child protection work requested by Social Services and used within Court proceedings.

Jingles provide a place of safety and the security and well-being of the children will always be our paramount concern.